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Global Power on the Rise

2011 / 01 / 27

Tailift (Qingdao) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a large forklift manufacturing factory backed by Tailift Group in China, with exports to over fifty countries and considerable success in the US and Europe markets. Considering the rising development trend, the company leaders have made a series of decisions to increase investment in Global Power Co.,Ltd.

In April of this year, the new office building, costing more than twenty million RMB, has already been opened. It will become the future headquarters not only for existing Global Power company but also for future industrial trucks which are under planning. The luxurious decoration and perfect facilities are highly praised by the staff and visitors.

Global Power hosted a new truck launch ceremony from 21st to 31st August 2010 to meet market demand. Many new forklifts with excellent performance were shown, reflecting extensive research and development as well as the manufacturing capabilities of Global Power. The feedback from customers was that these new forklifts impressed them deeply. In order to improve work efficiency and guarantee the quality of the products, another high-standard painting workshop has been built from August 2010. The production line of painting workshop incorporates leading-edge technology, which also meets international environmental protection standards.

The spokesman of Global Power tells News that Global Power has planned to invite over ten suppliers to build a large-scale industrial park, which covers a site of over 300,000 square meters. The industrial park is only 3 miles away from the new office building. The planned facilities will expand production, reducing cost and inventory, creating clear advantages.