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GC POWER expanding their global connections
- Exhibiting at CeMAT 2011 - Hall 025 Stand E28

2011 / 03 / 24

Tailift (Qingdao) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (GC POWER) signed an agency agreement with an experienced distributor in South America.

"We are confident to cooperate with GC POWER with a bright future. And why will we choose GC POWER? It's not only just because GC POWER is a top three player in the Chinese forklift market, but also the good company policy which makes us believe that we can plan our forklift business for a long term," the CEO of South American partner said after signing the agreement in Qingdao.

GC POWER’s international connections have been growing, with 86 groups of guests from around the world visiting the plant in 2010. Among them, some were old customers, but most were new faces. Around 90% guests have placed orders with GC POWER and more than 10 companies signed distribution agreements with GC POWER last year. In 2011, a number of visits were held from January to March.

The statistics reflect the distribution policy change of GC POWER and its parent company, Taiwan Tailift group, which has a long history in supplying various excellent quality forklifts to the western world and nearly 40 years’ experience in manufacturing machine tools and forklift.

Tailift Group's original plan envisaged China's production base manufacturing GC POWER forklifts mainly for China's domestic market, while the overseas markets were served by the Taiwan production base.

Over time, GC POWER has enjoyed great success in China market and has become the third largest forklift manufacturer in local market. At the same time, the top management of Tailift Group gradually realised the limitations for the policy, especially as Chinese competitors recorded significant growth in overseas markets. These statistics showed the forklifts made in China & exported globally from 2001 to 2008.

  • 2001 - 3208 units
  • 2002 - 2775 units
  • 2003 - 4772 units
  • 2004 - 9696 units
  • 2005 - 16462 units
  • 2006 - 26588 units
  • 2007 - 48871 units
  • 2008 - 60333 units

There 20 times increase for the export activity and GC POWER missed a golden age for rapid expansion in international market. In fact, only 10 years ago, GC POWER had a significant technical advantage over most Chinese competitors. This technical advantage inherited from the parent company lasts until now.

In 2008, the strategy was changed. GC POWER started to explore overseas markets and hoped to significantly increase its market share and brand influence. With this policy change, GC POWER began inviting potential overseas partners to visit and communicate. Also, it became active in international exhibitions. This year, GC POWER will attend CeMAT Sao Paulo, Brazil (April 4-7), CeMAT Germany (Hall 25 Stand E28) from May 2-6, the tenth Chinese Machinery Vietnam Exhibition (July 27-30). Other overseas exhibitions are being planned.

"Why would so many customers visit and finally choose GC POWER as a supplier, even when the world economy is still under the shadow of financial crisis?" Mr. Eric Lin, the assistant President who is in charge of overseas market, says: "the policy change resulted in a good opportunity for overseas distributors to find a quality forklift supplier in China. More importantly, when the distributors come to GC POWER, they find that GC POWER is a reliable partner. It cares much about a long-term cooperation with the distributors. It's quite different from some short-sighted Chinese manufacturers that only care about short-term annual quantity. GC POWER chooses its partners in a cautious but loyal way. So we can expect a steady and healthy overseas market share increase in future years.

"Maybe we will not become the largest. However, we are sure that we want to develop a most healthy way with our existing & future global partners. We welcome capable partners to join GC POWER global distributor network and work together with us."