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GC POWER ships 60 Silver Leopard Series Forklifts to Turkey

2012 / 07 / 12

There has been intense activity at GC POWER, where staff have been preparing 60 units of the new Silver Leopard series forklifts for delivery to the Turkish market. Professional loading specialists are carefully checking each detail to ensure the safety of goods.

The forklifts are headed to one of largest forklift distributors in Turkey, with a proven background and over 40 years’ distribution experience. With extensive distribution channels and over 30 sub-distributors, they have successfully been the sole distributor for several world-known brands of construction machines and materials handling equipment.The partnership with GC Power dates back to 2005 and the relationship has proven to be a successful experience, with growing annual sales.

The new Silver Leopard series is attracting strong interest because of its advanced features: fashionable, streamlined design; ergonomic and comfortable driving enclosure; improved heat dispassion system; etc. These features have attracted strong interest among Middle East and European clients and are especially suited for hot and rough working conditions.

Moreover, the Silver Leopard series forklift has been proved to be an increasingly successful venture for dealers, helping them win more business and boost their reputations.