Electric Forklift : 1.5-1.8Ton three wheels
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Electric Forklift  : 1.5-1.8Ton three wheels

  • Ergonomic Operation Room:
    Long time study of the correlation of ergonomics & operation by our R&D staff finally results in a comfortable & practical operating room.
  • Italian ZAPI controller:
    GC POWER electric forklift adopts world class Italian ZAPI controller to ensure excellent performance
  • Durable mast system:
    We choose high quality Germany-profiled bar to ensure superior strength&hardness. This effectively avoids mast shape distortion which usually occurs after 4~5 years of usage.
  • Qualified forklift battery:
    The battery is easy to dismantle and it occupies a narrow place to make the forklift more compact.
  • Other characteristic:
    Integrated frame, new power steering wheel, wholly hydraulic steering system, tough axles and etc...